Video Marketing for Lawyers and Attorneys

Law firm Video Marketing

One of the most cost effective ways for attorneys to market their law firm is by creating a series of professional videos about their practice. SEOwelike has successfully worked with lawyers seeking to leverage video marketing for their law firm and has developed process that will help guide you through each stage of the video making process from concept and messaging to distribution across YouTube, Yahoo! Video and other relevant online properties such as attorney profiles and legal video directories.

Introduce Consumers to Your Law Firm’s Personality

Consumers facing legal issues today are looking for a “voice” to champion them in courtroom proceedings. However, a recent survey showed that before hiring an attorney, 73 percent of consumers want to get a feel for the attorney’s personal style. Showcasing video on your legal website can quickly introduce these consumers to your law firm’s personality and highlight your knowledge, allowing you to establish faster connections with potential clients.

Videos Engage Viewers More Than Any Other Medium

Attorneys who integrate video on their legal website tend to perform better than competitor websites that do not. This is because video is more than just content. It engages the consumer more than any other medium online. Regardless of the amount of web traffic your website receives on a monthly basis, if those visitors are not converting to paying clients, your efforts are being wasted.

Bring Your Practice to Life and Build Momentum Online

At SEOwelike we understand how to build momentum online using video. We can show you examples of custom YouTube channels we’ve created for clients and the wave of traffic they can direct to your law firm’s website and how they can appear in the Google SERPs.

Videos are an effective marketing tool because they can be submitted to many highly ranked websites such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video and MetaCafe.

Legal Videos can also be directly linked from many attorney profile pages including:

  • AVVO;
  • Cornell’s Legal Information Institute; and
  • Google, Yahoo! and Bing Business Listings.

Find Out More about Video Marketing for Lawyers

If you are interested in finding out more about how video marketing can be leveraged to propel your law firm’s marketing campaign to the next level and keep you one step ahead of your competitors, contact SEOwelike at 718.753.8918.