Kim Vilyus

Project Manager

Kim Vilyus, SEO campaign manager for SEOwelike. Kim is an expert in Google Authorship & Google+ creation & marketing, and manages our websites in WordPress and Modx. She is very familiar with domain name valuation, content writing, onsite SEO (such as title tags and descriptions), social media marketing, and Google analytics. Kim works with our design team and programmers to ensure a successful online marketing campaign that will dominate the search engines for our customers.

Marilyn Gale Vilyus

Lawyer Marketing Consultant and Content Writer

Ms. Vilyus has practiced family law and mediation as a sole practitioner in Houston, Texas since 1999. She has also been a member of the College of the State Bar, keeping her knowledge of the field and newly developing case law current and thorough.

She is familiar with all aspects of a family law practice, and she has written numerous articles concerning not only the “legalities” of the divorce process, but also the emotional and psychological nuances of getting a divorce and how to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Her background is psychology has refined her ability to understand the needs of clients and potential clients and to present information in a manner that is “user friendly!”

Her extensive knowledge and expertise enable her to write excellent content for any family law lawyer website. In addition, she has specifically studied the field of “content writing” as it pertains to the SEO process. Potential clients can be assured that the content she provides will not only be accurate, but it will also be written in proper English!

Patrick Vilyus


Patrick Vilyus, CEO SEOwelove and SEOwelike. Patrick is an SEO-enthusiast and has been in the SEO industry for over 10 years. Provides direction & expertise for our SEO and PPC processes. Since 2002, Patrick has developed successful campaigns for industries such as lawyers, roofing companies, doctors, flooring companies, garage door companies, etc. As co-founder of SEO Technologies In 2005, he developed SEO Process and Methods for ranking in geo-specific markets for hundreds of websites. SEO Technologies was sold to a public company in Dallas in 2010.