The Critical Role of Social Media in Business

Small Business Social Media Marketing

With social media increasingly becoming the “vital axis on which this community turns”, according to a recent LinkedIn study, there is no denying that small businesses have a priceless set of tools at their disposal that if utilized effectively can open new opportunities for brands to establish themselves as thought leaders and grow their audience.

However, for many small businesses, the successful waters of social media tend to remain murky. This is often because business owners quickly discover that there’s a huge difference between: running a social media campaign because it’s expected of you as a business owner and running a social media because you actually want to build a social network that helps you grow your business.

In addition, a lot small businesses who do invest in social media sometimes fail to effectively monitor and measure their efforts. Without proper monitoring, they have no way to know whether they’re making an impact on their audience or on track to reach their business goals.

Nevertheless, since its debut social media has proven itself to be a power to be reckoned with by allowing your business to communicate with consumers directly, allowing them to generate revenue while at the same time increasing their brand’s exposure. In addition, anyone with an internet connection can gain instant access to the latest buzz about your company’s products or services.

Some advice for businesses looking to leverage Social Media

One of the most effective ways for a business to put a voice and face to their brand is through blog. Blogging allows you create credible discussion resources centered on topics that are relevant to your business and can serve as the primary building block for your brand’s online presence.

Google authorship is a great way for authors and websites to establish the credibility and legitimacy of their content. In addition, many believe that Google Authorship is the first step towards a way to verify author identity and could also be used in calculating Author Rank, which many believe is the future of the Google algorithm.

Part of great branding is to establish a set of guidelines that determine how you maintain your company’s image in public and it is a good idea to add social media to this process. For example, you’ll want to determine:

  • Responsibilities for updating your social profiles
  • Frequency of updates to social profiles will be updated
  • What types of content you’ll post about
  • How imagery is to be used in your posts
  • What type of “voice” you’ll use when posting

Finally, even though social media conversations are important, you want to focus your efforts in the areas that provide your business with some tangible value and the only way you’ll know for sure if you are allocating your resources wisely is if you track and quantify your efforts.

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Social Media’s Critical Role for Lawyers

Attorney Social Media Marketing

Although most law firms today still opt for the more traditional marketing channels, there is no denying that social media has created new opportunities for many attorneys to establish themselves as thought leaders in their area of practice as well as grow as entrepreneurs.

However, the waters of social media are still murky for many lawyers due to varied and outdated ethics rules regarding online communication in the legal industry that has fueled the tendency for legal professionals to err on the side of caution when proceeding with the use of social media channels even though their unprecedented reach, particularly with blogs and twitter, can be a real game changer for many attorneys.

What is Social Media and why is it important?

Social media can be defined as any form of content that can be published online and shared through a network of users and is often referred to as user-generated content which can include video, pictures, news, opinions, and links.

Its importance as a marketing channel stems from the fact that over the past several years, Social Media has completely changed the way the business world communicates and conducts its day to day activities online. In addition, Social Media has been instrumental when it comes to spreading of not only personal messages, but business and political ones as well. For the legal community, Social Media channels are an easy and effective way to communicate with your ideal clients.

A little advice for Attorneys wishing to leverage Social Media

A legal blog is one of the most effective ways to put a face and voice on your expertise. Blogging allows you to build a credible discussion resource on topics in your practice area and can serve as the primary building block for an attorney’s social presence online.

In addition, by creating profiles on popular social channels (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and specialized legal communities (Lexisnexis, JD Supra, and Legal Onramp) attorneys and law firms can share their expertise and gain exposure online. However, many Social Media channels are not the type of outlets you would use to talk business all day, every day. When done correctly you will find that the more successful campaigns strike a healthy balance between sharing their expertise as well as their personality.

Furthermore, when attorneys engage an audience online it is critical that they differentiate between giving out actual legal advice and sharing their insights. Therefore we highly recommend placing a disclaimer on your blog and using some of the space in your social profile’s bio to express this point.

Social Media Solutions for Attorneys

At SEOwelike we realize that staying one step ahead of the competition requires using emerging technologies effectively and when it comes to gaining exposure and managing your online identity social media is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

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